Saturday, February 23, 2008

Valentine's Day of Death!!!!

This is just a little overdue, but I haven't been blogging lately due to our computer dying on us. It was about time it gave up. The poor thing was SO old. We took it into a repair shop first to see if it was worth fixing and they actually laughed when they saw it. The guy helping us was calling his buddies over to check out the ancient computer! So we went and got a new one that is so pretty and shiny! I love it!
This was a Valentine's Day to remember, since it almost ended with both of us dying. Since Andy had to work on Valentine's Day we went on our Valentine's date the night before. That day a huge storm hit Salt Lake. As we were walking out the door my sister sent me a text message saying they had just totaled her car. They were ok, but she told us we should just stay home cause it wasn't worth it to risk the roads, but by this time Talan was already at his Grandma's and the roads were actually pretty clear. So we ignored her.
We went to dinner and a movie downtown and had a really great time. We were at the Gateway and it was almost deserted. Expect for the snow plow guys that almost ran me over a bunch of times. There were only 4 other people in the movie with us! We left the theater at midnight to drive to Andy's mom's house to pick Talan up. We were on the freeway and most of it was clear so we were able to go like 65 MPH. Andy was driving and we were in the center lane. We needed gas so he was looking for a place to get off. We were coming up on a large exit, he started to change lanes to get off then changed his mind and swerved back into our lane. BIG MISTAKE. This started the spin of death. Suddenly the car starting SPINNING down the freeway at 65 MPH!!!!!!!!!!! I looked over at Andy and could see the huge concrete barricade that splits the freeway from the off ramp coming at us. We were going sideways straight for it. What saved our lives was Andy had some crazy inspiration to crank the wheel the other way AND SLAM ON THE GAS... he has no idea why he did it, but about 5 feet from the barricade he got us to start spinning the other way. So now we were going backwards down the off ramp. Andy did some other crazy maneuvers with the wheel and we finally stopped by hitting part of the off ramp with our bumper.
Crazy thing is... the car doesn't even have a scratch!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how Andy did it... there really is no reason we should have been able to survive spinning down the freeway like that. We were lucky it was so late so there weren't any cars around us, if there had been we would have hit them for sure since we were literally in every lane.
Obviously we didn't want to get on the freeway again after that. So we took the city roads all the way to Andy's mom's. It took us over a half hour to get there since they hadn't been plowed at all so Andy had to go 25 MPH the whole way. We didn't get home till just after 2 AM.
My Dad also totaled his car that same day, but he lives in Seattle. 3 car accidents in one day for one family!!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!
Andy got me a beautiful diamond necklace for my present... it was a big surprise. I had asked for a dustbuster, but he couldn't remember so he opted for jewlery instead. And I'm not complaining!!!! Here's my pretty necklace:

It's a snowflake cause a lot of important things that have happened in our lives happened in the winter time, like our wedding, Talan being born, and surviving our date.

He also got me these pretty flowers:

I got him tickets to the Jazz game for him and his brother. He is really excited to go cause they are playing his second favorite team, the Pistons.

And here is us right before we left on our date.... just think, this could have been the picture for our obituary. How morbid!!! LOL