Saturday, May 17, 2008

I guess all the kitties are in pain...

For awhile now Talan has know what a dog, monkey, piggy, lion, tiger, and elephant says. I've tried to teach him other animal noises but he seems content to just know those. Well a few days ago he started to randomly say "ow, ow" like he was in real pain. At first we thought he was making fun of me because the day he started it I had been having belly pain and had been walking around saying "ow ow". Well when he kept doing it we thought maybe he really is in pain cause he is getting 2 or 3 molars right now.
Yesterday the mystery was solved. He was out with Andy and they saw a kitty. Talan pointed at it and said "ow ow" and each time we've asked him what a kitty says he'll say it again. But it is SO funny cause he says it like he is in pain. I don't know why all those poor kitties are in pain but Talan sure thinks they are!
I took this video of him doing his animal sounds in the car. You can't hear all of them cause he does them pretty quietly, but you can see how he looks like he is in pain when he talks about the kitties!

And just for fun here is a picture of me taken last week when I was 23 weeks along. I am all belly!!!


Friday, May 2, 2008

Just patting myself on the back

I just found out that I got an A in my Comparative World Lit class!!!! I am so excited that I got a good grade in that class. I really didn't think I would since the last test we took was on a book that I hadn't even finished reading yet so I only got half way through the test before giving up!
This was the last "class" that I had to take before I can get my 4 year degree. Now all that is left is a senior project which I really hope to be able to complete this summer. I know I started college back in 1999 so it's taken me almost 10 years, but with going on a mission, getting married, and having 1 1/2 kids I don't think that is that bad!!!!