Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who Is The Wife Of The Year?? I Am!!

Last month an auction was held to raise funds for Stephanie Nielson. I went to high school with Stephanie and sadly her and her husband were in a plane crash last year. Luckily they both survived but it is going to be a long recovery with a hefty bill. While I browsed the items up for auction looking for a way to donate I saw something that I knew I had to get for Andy, Row 2 VIP tickets to the Jazz vs. Celtics game... conveniently scheduled close to Valentines Day. I started bidding right away, I was on a mission to get those tickets for my husband! My mission was successful and I won! I handed Andy the tickets on Valentine's day (It was near impossible not to spill the beans sooner). He opened them and smiled, thinking they were run of the mill Jazz tickets in our usual nose-bleed-could've-had-a-better-seat-at-home seats. I will never forget the look on his face when he realized what he was really looking at, after celebrating for a few minutes he immediately starting calling his brothers to brag about how awesome his wife is, and I have to admit he is right, I'm pretty dang awesome.

Here we are anxiously waiting for the big game to begin

We were right next to the Celtic's bench. It was awesome cause we could hear the players talking and the couch yelling at the ref

This was our view, Basketball players are HUGE this close

Andy hanging out on the court at half time

Oh and the best part... the Jazz won!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just One Reason Why I Love Him

It all began Wednesday at 10PM when Andy and I had this text conversation:
Andy: "You may choose between a movie and a region of the world"
Me: "Huh?"
Andy: "Don't ask questions, just choose one"
Me: "Well what if I choose the wrong one??!?!? You know I'm bad at choosing things, please just do it for me" (I can't choose ANYTHING for myself. Choices give me panic attacks.)
Andy: "Whatever you choose will be fine... just choose one"
The conversation continued in that fashion for about 30 minutes. I finally chose The Matrix because I had an assignment for school to watch it (yes I said an assignment, who assigns a senior level college course to watch The Matrix?!). Andy refused to tell me what it all meant and told me it was a practice in patience for me, I thought for sure I would die while waiting... I hate not knowing things.
The next day seemed to take forever. Then at 3PM while Andy was at class there was a knock on the door, when I opened the door I found a UPS man carrying this

I tore open the package and inside I found this:

It was the sweetest surprise! It was 3 days before Valentines Day so it was totally unexpected.

At 5PM I got another text from Andy:
"Hey I'm on my way home, be ready to leave at 6:30, everything is taken care of"

When he arrived he was carrying these:

FLOWERS TWICE IN ONE DAY!?!?! Amazing! I combined them to create this beautiful display:

He also gave me my Valentines Day gifts, two board games. Ahhhh... he knows me so well:

Since he is a chef he doesn't get nights like Valentines off, so he planned a surprise pre-valentines day date for me. We took the kids to his Dad's and then he took me to the Cheesecake Factory for my favorite Crab Wontons appetizer and then to The Asian Star for dinner. I've been wanting to go to the Asian Star for years. It was so fun to go to two different restaruants, a very unique and fun date.
We then went home and watched The Matrix (hence the original text message conversation).
It was the perfect evening planned just for me by the perfect husband. I'm so lucky to have Andy as my companion. He does so much for me and strives everyday to make sure I'm happy. Thanks for a perfect day babe.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Moments like this


Make it all worthwhile. I love watching my two boys play together. Cohen is in love with Talan. His face lights up whenever he sees him, especially if Talan is paying attention to him. Talan loves Cohen, but from afar. He likes to sit on the opposite side of the couch from him and say "hi Cohen, hi Cohen". But there are the rare times like this when I'll turn around and catch them together, and it melts my heart and makes all the messes and tantrums and time outs worth it. This is what being a mom is really about.