Friday, January 8, 2010

Straight... or curly???

I straightened my hair today... ok technically I didn't straighten it because that would require the skill and patience required to do so to my crazy hair, the lady who cuts my hair did it for me.
So which do you like better? I know my preference... but I wont bias anyone with that information just yet, feel free to be honest... unless you just hate my hair period, you can keep that opinion to yourself. :)

Curly... aka the normal me


Straight... (admittedly not the greatest picture... white wall... white shirt... pale face... eek!!)




Kelly Robinson said...

I like it both way but I think I like the straight the best. but what a pain to have to do everyday.

Grumpy Bear and His Honey said...

You have always been this beautiful curly haired woman ever since I've known you. The straight just doesn't look like you. That said, I spent many years and tons of money making my hair curly, so like I've always said, ... if God didn't give it to you ... buy it

Natalie Warner said...

I love it both ways. You are so good at doing your curly hair though. Your curly hair reflects your bubbly, spunky personality. So many people with curly hair can't make it look amazing quite like you can. We live just west of Bountiful and I would LOVE to get together.

LARS said...

Straight looks cute, but I agree with Grumpy Bear and His Honey. It wouldn't be Sarah w/o the spunky/curly hair. Besides, what would the Salvatruchas say about a straight-haired Daugherty?

carolyn said...

Definitely the curly. You look great either way but the curls are gorgeous!

Julene and Gabe said...

This is a little belated I know, but I am going to have to say curly. It looked cute straight too, and would probably be fun to do now and again, but you have such great curls! You have no idea how long it takes me to try and curl my hair!!!

Torman said...

I love both! Your a babe. I might like the curly just because I never see you like that, so it is different, not necessarily better, just different. :)

Brooke said...


TheFlipSide said...

A complete strangers opinion here, both look good. With that said I'll vote curls :)

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